Sectors & Projects

28 South Environmental is proud to serve a wide range of sectors, catering to both private and public-sector clients.

Our extensive experience and deep industry knowledge allow us to provide tailored solutions across diverse industries. Whether it’s renewable energy developments, residential development, transport infrastructure, or government advisory, our team has the expertise to address the specific challenges and opportunities within each sector. Explore how our services can help you achieve success for your next project.

We proudly provide a comprehensive range of consultancy services across various sectors, catering to both private and public-sector clients throughout Queensland and the rest of Australia. With our extensive expertise and experience, we offer unparalleled support and solutions in the following sectors:

Renewable Energy Developments

We specialise in assisting clients in the renewable energy sector, guiding them through the complexities of sustainable energy projects, including solar, wind, and hydroelectric developments. Our team excels in navigating regulatory frameworks, environmental assessments, and community engagement to help drive the transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Residential Development

From concept to completion, we collaborate with developers, architects, and construction teams to deliver innovative and environmentally conscious residential development projects. Our consultancy services cover site assessments, master planning, environmental impact assessments, and community consultation, ensuring the seamless integration of residential communities into their surrounding environments.

Transport Infrastructure

Our expertise in transport infrastructure encompasses roads, railways, airports, and ports. We assist clients in planning, designing, and delivering safe, efficient, sustainable, and resilient transport networks.

Energy and Resources

We provide strategic advice and technical expertise to clients in the energy and resources sector. Our services cover exploration and mining, oil and gas, and extractive industries. We support our clients in navigating environmental regulations, land management, sustainability practices, and stakeholder engagement to ensure responsible resource development.

Public Realm

Enhancing public spaces is at the heart of our public realm services. We collaborate with local governments, urban planners, and community groups to create vibrant and inclusive public areas. Our expertise includes working intrinsically with urban design, landscape architecture, placemaking, and public consultation, contributing to the creation of thriving and ecologically sustainable communities.


We understand the importance of recreational spaces for community well-being. Our consultancy services cover parks, sports facilities, recreational trails, and waterfront developments. We work closely with clients to design and deliver engaging recreational spaces that promote active living, environmental stewardship, and social connectivity.

Quarrying, Resources, and Landfill

Our team provides comprehensive consulting services to clients involved in quarrying, resource extraction, and landfill projects. We assist with site assessments, environmental management plans, regulatory compliance, and rehabilitation strategies, ensuring responsible and sustainable practices throughout the project lifecycle.

Agriculture and Rural Industry

We support agricultural and rural industries by providing tailored solutions to enhance productivity, sustainability, and environmental stewardship. Our services encompass all aspects of environmental assessment and approval, empowering clients in the agriculture sector to thrive.

Industrial & Warehousing

Our expertise extends to industrial and warehousing projects, where we assist clients in designing and developing efficient, safe, and sustainable industrial facilities. From site assessments and planning approvals to environmental management, we help clients achieve their operational goals while minimising their environmental footprint.

Government Advisory

We offer strategic advisory services to government bodies, providing valuable insights and expertise to inform policy development and decision-making processes. Our team’s deep understanding of regulatory frameworks, environmental considerations, and community engagement enables us to deliver comprehensive advisory support to drive positive change and shape sustainable futures.